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live performance in the artist's atelier in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, 2012,
and streamed worldwide in the event:

Low Lives 4
Networked Performance Festival
International Exhibition of Live Performances Streamed Worldwide

Low Lives 4 is the fourth installment in a series of annual international art events. Low Lives 4 featured sixty live performance-based works over two days, each transmitted over the web and projected in real time at twenty-five venues worldwide.

Low Lives celebrates the transmission of ideas beyond geographical and cultural borders, offering global audiences the opportunity to consider live performance in both physical and virtual space.

“Over the past four years Low Lives has developed a platform that invites and enables artists, audiences, and presenting venues to ‘plug in and participate’ from anywhere an internet connection exists,” Low Lives Founding Director, Jorge Rojas, explains. “Low Lives is not simply about the presentation of performative gestures at a particular place and time, it is also about exploring the potential of live streaming networks as a creative medium connecting performance artists with audiences around the world.”

A live simulcast of the event was streamed on April 27 and 28, 2012, at

Participating Artists
Austin Adkins | Regina Agu | Lindsey Allgood + Amy Luznicky | Emma Alonze | Mauricio Ancalmo | Angela Bartram + Mary O'Neill | Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte | Ruth Vigueras Bravo | Caryana Castillo |  Khalil Charif  | Matthew Thomas Cianfrani | Gina Cuntstruct | Elwin Cotman | Dance Troupe Practice + Luciana D'Anunciação | Ian Deleon + Kara Stokowski | Stephanie Diamond | Bados Earthling + The Wild Audio Society | Michelle Ellsworth | Ursula Endlicher | Tim Eriksen | Francesca Fini | Les Filles Föllen | Marcel William Foster + Dunstan Matungwa | Future Death Toll | Lawrence Graham-Brown | Alejandro Guzmán | Matt Hawthorn | Joseph Herring | Kanene Holder | James Holland + Alycia Bright Holland | Linda Hutchins | Rima Najdi | Samantha Jones | Igor Josifov | Nathaniel Katz + Valentina Curandi | Elizabeth Leister | Jonathan Lemieux | Gideonsson/Londré | Jonatan Lopez | Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen | Soukei Matsuo | MoTA - Museum of Transitory Art | Nataliya Petkova | Blatta Orientalis | Alexandre Pombo-Mendes | prOphecy sun | Stefan Riebel | Tara Raye Russo | Nuria Guiu Sagarra | Maximiliano Siñani | Jonathan Sutton | Étienne Tremblay-Tardif | Elinor Thompson | Robert Tyree + Andra Rotaru | Marcus Vinícius | A.G. Viva | Alyssa Taylor Wendt | Amelia Winger-Bearskin | Martin Zet |

Presenting Partners
Aljira, A Center for Contemporary Art (Newark, New Jersey); Center for Performance Research (CPR) (Brooklyn, New York); Chez Bushwick (Brooklyn, New York); Co-Lab (Austin, Texas); Diaspora Vibe Gallery (Miami, Florida); Fusebox Festival (Austin, Texas); Grace Exhibition Space (Brooklyn, New York); Legion Arts (Cedar Rapids, Iowa); Little Berlin (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania); Living Arts (Tulsa, Oklahoma); Mascher Space Co-op (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania); Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) (Portland, Oregon); Real Art Ways (Harford, Connecticut); SOMArts (San Francisco, California); Space One Eleven (Birmingham, Alabama): Spread Art (Brooklyn, New York); Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) (Salt Lake City, Utah); Alice Yard (Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago); the temporary space (USA/Japan); Yamaguchi Institute of Contemporary Arts (YICA) (Yamaguchi, Japan); Dimanche Rouge (Paris, France); La Maison des Artistes (Paris, France); Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá (MAC) (Colombia); At The Vanishing Point (Sydney, Australia); Small Projects (Tromsø, Norway); Ateliers '89, Contemporary Art Institute (Aruba)

Low Lives 4 was co-produced by the Brooklyn-based arts organizations Chez Bushwick ( and SPREAD ART (, as well as Colombian artist, Juan Obando ( The international 2012 festival was conducted by Jorge Rojas from the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City, Utah (


performance held in the event:

9th Transmodern Performance Festival
Baltimore, 2012

Mundi, performance. Transmodern Festival, Baltimore, USA, 2012



Performance held at UFES Gallery and in the Urban Space, 
in the event: 
Trampolim - Plataforma de encontro com a arte da performance
 Vitória, Brasil, 2010.

Preview Link:

catalog page of the event
"Trampolim - Plataforma de encontro com a arte da performance"


Desvelamento do Corpo / Unveiling of the Body

Performance held at FUNARTE - Palácio Gustavo Capanema,
and Cinelândia, Rio de Janeiro, 2005
Preview Link: